August 22 - 25, 2021 - Santiago, Chile

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The Post Congress tour will be a unique experience. The group will fly to Calama-San Pedro de Atacama which is a Chilean area in the Antofagasta region in northern Chile. San Pedro de Atacama is located 1700 km north of Santiago and the flight is of 2 hours. The town is located in a high plateau in an oasis of the Atacama desert and is different from anything you have ever seen before. The area is surrounded by three “mountain chains;” the Andes, Domeyko and the so called Salt mountains, with volcanos, desert, salares (large salt areas) and lakes (with flamingos) of amazing natural beauty.
The original inhabitants were the atacameños (which were there long before the Incas) and there is a rich archeological history and many sites to visit. The town is at 2400 meters above sea level and in late August the temperatures during the day fluctuate from 18 to 25 degrees Celsius and between 2 and 3 degrees at night. In addition, there is no rain and the skyes are so clear that they are ideal for astronomy and the presence of observatories. Hotel Cumbres is a 5 stars Hotel with complete facilities and is very much in the Chilean style, no pomposity but high efficiency, top quality and simplicity. All these factors will contribute to a great post Congress tour that will bring us together as a group in the amicitiae sacra spirit of the Collegium. The cost of the tour is slightly higher than previous post congress tours, however, our efforts in obtaining a very reduced rate in our Hotel in Santiago will end up as less costly in the overall expenses than previous meetings.
For many of you the distance from Santiago and the two hours flight might seem enormous but in Chile this is the usual. Continental Chile (without considering our Antartic region) is 4270 km and we are the longest country in the world (our average width is 177 km). Flight displacements are part of our system. You will be surprised by our airports. There are at least 4 flights a day to Calama by two different Airlines. Our aim is to have everybody in the same flights, and for that we /you need to book far in advance. Therefore, we need to have registrations as early as possible.

We are planning our activities so that we have the chance to go to all the tours that are described. In addition, there will be time to visit the town of San Pedro de Atacama which is in itself a unique town.
All tours plus breakfast, lunch, dinners at the Hotel as well as snacks and bottled water during the tours are included.


It does not require prior acclimatization, wear Trekking shoes and sun protection. Level of requirement low.

You will visit the ruins of Tulor and Pucará de Quitor, learning about the history and evolution of the Atacameño people, visit to the museum and local craft store. 


It does not require prior acclimatization, wear warm clothes and closed footwear.
The tour is carried out by amateur guides of the hotel, and consists of an explanatory talk, observation at a glance with a telescope, learning to recognize the main constellations and orienting oneself with the stars, in the salt plaza of our cozy hotel. 


Given the characteristics of the tour, we recommend wearing long trousers and windproof jacket.

Swimming clothes in case you would like to go in.

Lagoon that is located in the Salar de Atacama, is a beautiful natural mirror that is reflected in it the Andes mountain range, the water with 40% of salt, allows you to take an unforgettable bath where you can float without the slightest effort. It is similar to the Dead Sea but without mud. The water is clean but very salty. 


Doesn´t require previous acclimatization. Trekking clothing and shoes, lots of sunscreen, and a wind- breaker jacket is required.

This valley is one of the most distinctive attractions of San Pedro de Atacama. Visit different places and finish the tour sharing a snack in a beautiful lookout point where we watch the sunset. 


Trekking clothing, shoes/ comfortable clothing, lots of sunscreen and a windbreaker jacket is required.

In this excursion we visit the Toconao town, its church, markets and local handicraft shops. Then we go into the core of the Atacama Salt flat to visiting the beauti- ful lagoon inhabited by flamingos. 

6. RAINBOW VALLEY & Petroglyphs

Acclimatization is not required, trekking clothing and lots of sunscreen are required.

We will visit Yerbas Buenas; a rock island with rock art narrating the ancient history of the Lican-Antay people. Then we will share a picnic in the Rainbow Valley with impressive mountains of colors and we will observe the composition of the soil on the skirt of Domeyko's mountain range. Where you will also visit Rio Grande the picturesque town and its beauti- ful landscapes. 

Optional tour (instead of Rainbow Valley and Petrogliphs):


Physical requirements: must be able to walk/climb down mountain areas.
During two hours we’re going to walk down through the valley of Guatin, 3 kilometers, beside Vilama River. The environment, specifically plants are mainly composed for fox tails and giant cardon cactus, which are huge and can grow to nearly 10 meters height.  

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